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… a new website after 12 years!

Welcome, this site is dedicated to chickens, breed books, their breeding, colours, beauty and their surprises.
Primary purpose of this website was promoting and selling the super simple book Genetics of Chicken Colours – The Basics (suitable for profs as well). Meanwhile I’ve written more chicken books as listed in BOOKS!
This site is simple, scratch around a bit to see if there’s any feed for you? Or bookmark it, in case something new hatches. The Crested/Sultan, and The Brahma book are in hard cover, the rest is soft cover.
Hope you will enjoy the books, they are sent allover of the world since 2008, so thank you for reading!

©2008 – 2020 Sigrid van Dort


All books are separately discussed in the drop down menu.
Books are soft cover unless mentioned as hard cover.
Check it out if you want to know more about a book.
Continue reading to browse titles, check out prices or
if you know what book you want… to order.

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All illustrations and paintings on this website are made by me and therefore are ©Sigrid van Dort. If you want to use them please contact me.

Chickencolours.com is my book and art site (new website, if hickups please let me know).

The little publishing company I have, filled with my books and art, is my passion – research, discussing things with others, think long, write, illustrate, publish.

I hope you find the special book you are looking for. If you have questions, please find me via email or facebook.

Kind regards,

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A new website

This is the blog part of the new website of chickencolours.com.I don’t know if it will be used.A chicken has to make itself at home too when changing coop…As long as I didn’t make my mind up, it will be like this.


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