Fascination, art book

Fascination is about the fascination of a lot of aspect of life, mostly nature. For the ones that appreciate the humble works of an author/illustrator (Sigi). This is the 2018 anniversary book, a collection of 150+ paintings, drawings, including illustrations from articles and books, 120 pages all printed on silk gloss 160 grams art paper, bound in hard cover, printed in a very small run and no reprint. Copies signed of course. Typically for family, friends and fans since it is utterly useless, no knowledge in it, only some personal stories added. Coffee table book and to support my doings.

A few page examples, you might recognise the illustrations of the books, only now they are larger. Also sketches.

In case you want to add this book to your collection…

Mostly animal themed book with illustrations and paintings, some for articles and books, lots as an overview of the many styles possible.
For fun only, it is a rare book, printed only 25 and there are 8 left.

Fascination World (US, Australia, etc) € 17,95 registered, total €77,95

Fascination Europe & UK €12,95, total €72,95

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