Chicken t-shirts and hoodies, made in Europe

Some chicken illustrations for printing on textile. You chose the colour, model and size. Shipping is worldwide and lots of currencies supported. Shirtee is located in Germany.
My english shirtee-chicken-T shop:
Für Deutschland Coole Hühner:

At Shirtee I have a shop for chicken t-shirts. Lots of designs are added meanwhile and this will continue. On my personal facebook page I announce new designs. Shirts and mugs are sent worldwide.

My english shirtee-chicken-T shop:
Deutschland, Coole Hühner:

And some mugs on request…

Designs are added all the time…

New designs can be made on request, also of your chickens.
These designs are drawings, not photos. If you want a design of a photo of your chicken I can make that too. The quality of the photo determines the quality of the print, I will guide you in this so the result will be perfect in quality. Either way, if you have ideas, as a breed club too, contact me.

My english shirtee-chicken-T shop:
Für Deutschland, Coole Hühner: