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The Brahma book, Genetics of Chicken Colours & Extremes, Silkies and Silkie bantams
2017 The Sultan book
The Sultan book soft cover
The Sultan book soft cover € 75 and hard cover € 85 plus € 2 bookwrap so it will arrive undamaged.
Postage Europe: € 12,95 registered, mail to the rest of the world € 17,95 registered.
Beautifully printed, 224 pages full colour, 500+ engravings and photos, packed with knowledge on Sultans and related spectacular crested breeds. A must have for any crested fan. I sign your book with soft pencil.
When you are in Europe, UK (€ 89,95)
When you are in Russia, America, Australia or the rest of the world (€ 94,95)
Consider using iban/bic bank payment when you are in €-zone, Europe. Email me.
Below a little video I made of the printing proof, for viewing the content.
After approximately 10 months of research and literature study, the book is ready and available. In the book we travel back to the mid 1500s to see the first documentation of crested breeds. The journey takes us via the late 18th and early 19th century over Continental Europe and meet the crested breeds the Old Painters left us. In 1854-55 Miss Elizabeth Watts introduced the Sultan in the midst of the Hen Fever (see the Brahma book). We pay small visits to the Ptarmigan and Russian Pavlov and the Siberian Fowl too. The Sultan book ends with the more modern Sultans and their features.
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Sultan Book
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