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The Brahma book, Genetics of Chicken Colours & Extremes, Silkies and Silkie bantams
Welcome, this site is dedicated to chickens, breed books, their breeding, colours, beauty and their surprises.
Primary purpose of this website was promoting and selling the super simple book Genetics of Chicken Colours - The Basics. (suitable for profs as well). Meanwhile I’ve written more chicken books as listed below.
This site is simple, scratch around a bit to see if there’s any feed for you? Or bookmark it, in case someting new hatches.
Hope you will enjoy the books, they are sent  allover of the world the last few years, so thank you for reading!
Sigrid van Dort
Silkies and Silkie bantams, chickens with hair, Silky, chickens, book about Silkies
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Silkies and Silkie bantams is € 65. To Europe, England and Australia and elsewhere in the world email me or use the paypal buttons. For the USA you can order at  Brenda (Texas) and she will send you your copy, signed by me. Contact her, see top page.

Silkie book Europe & UK
(€ 12,95) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 79,95
Silkie book World, Australia, America, Russia
(€ 17,95 registered) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 84,95
Started:  June 2008   Last update: May 2017

Silkies and Silkie bantams

Brahma Book
Europe, UK, Russia, USA, World
(packing + postage €5,75) = € 15,75

10 x Brahma Ex Libris (bookplate)

Some asked if they could buy the Ex Libris of the brahma book, it can be used in any book you own, size is A5. They can be bought by 10 for €10 for some time. They are not sent registered mail because this is too expensive, delivery time can be much longer.If you prefer registered send me an email. (Registered is €11,50 Europe, €16,50 world).
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La Genetica delle colorazioni del pollo...

...é l'edizione italiana del libro "Genetics of chicken colours"
Il libro é stato tradotto in lingua italiana da Saveria Lippera e consta anche di riferimenti a razze autoctone italiane non presenti nell'edizione originale, rispetto alla quale ha un numero maggiore di pagine. La procedura di ordine é effettuata in Olanda, da dove é effettuata anche la spedizione. Questa scelta é stata compiuta dall'autrice per evitare un incremento di prezzo della versione italiana dell'opera rispetto all'edizione inglese; in Italia, difatti, l'IVA dovuta sulle autopubblicazioni (quale é il libro in questione) é fissata al 22% contro il 6% dell'Olanda, mentre i costi per la spedizione sono solo di pochissimo inferiori.
Per ordinare il libro pagandolo con carta di credito si può utilizzare la casella paypal sottostante.
Per effettuare un bonifico bancario, si prega invece di inviare una e-mail: verranno trasmessi codice IBAN e BIC del conto sul quale effettuare il versamento del prezzo.
Una volta effettuato il pagamento, il tempo di consegna previsto é di 4-5 giorni; verrà in ogni caso trasmesso all'acquirente il numero di tracciamento del pacco.

"La genetica delle colorazioni del pollo" per l'Italia (ed Europa) é in vendita al prezzo di 75 più 2 per l'imballo che eviterà danneggiamenti dovuti al trasporto.
Spese postali di invio (tracciabile) :
Totale € 89,95
La spedizione nel resto del mondo: 17,95.
Totale € 94,95
Per informazioni e richieste riguardanti l'edizione italiana, si prega di inviare una mail a Saveria Lippera :

The little English Serama books are revised and available as one large A4 book.

They were 7 and 6 years old and needed to be updated.  The revised, updated and renewed Serama Breed & Colours book is similar in size and page amount as Silkies.

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Teach children asap to love chickens!
Java and the Buzzard
Click on the cover to go to the page of the book.

Java and the buzzard is an adventure story for children. Originally written and drawn in 1999 for my son and it tells an exciting story about Java (a ‘sort of’ rose comb cock) and his friends. The hard cover book consists of 36 colourful heavy paper pages and is full of illustrations. It is a picture book in bright colours which kids and you like. The book comes with 2 highly glossy seals on front and back cover to show Java is of excellent quality courage and creativity. The price of the book is € 25,50 ex postage

Java and the Buzzard, illustrated full colour children’s book

When you are in Europe, UK
(EU postage REGISTRED post € 12,95) = € 38,45
When you are in Australia, USA, Russia or the rest of the world (postage REGISTRED post  € 16,95) = € 42,45
The Genetics book € 75 and € 2 bookwrap so it will arrive undamaged. Postage Europe: € 12,95 registered,
(total € 89,95) mail to the rest of the world € 17,95 registered, (total € 94,95). I sign your book with soft pencil so you can see it is not a printed signature.
When you are in Europe, UK or Russia (€ 89,95)
When you are in Russia, America, Australia or the rest of the world (€ 94,95)
When you are in Russia, America, Australia or the rest of the world (€ 94,95)
When you are in Europe, UK (€ 89,95)

Genetics of Chicken COLOURS

Genetics of Chicken EXTREMES


Paypal buttons below for both genetics books. It will be a ‘parcel’ therefore postage is more than ‘letter’. I can use the same carton wrap (€ 2).
For Europe & UK: with track & trace barcode € 16,30 registered.
For World this is € 29,95.
Both books when you are in Europe, UK or Russia
(€ 166,65)
Both books to Australia or the rest of the world (€ 177,95)
Order Colour Genetics
When you are in Australia, USA, Russia or the rest of the world (postage € 17,95) = € 102,95
When you are in Europe, UK (postage €12,95) = € 97,95

Brahma book soft cover

The Brahma book soft cover
(300 grams laminated carton cover) just fits ‘letter’ size thickness when wrapped for post. The soft cover edition is € 85.
All books are signed with a soft pencil.
Soft Cover Edition Brahma book
PLEASE NOTE: a physical address with street and number is needed for registered mail, you have to sign for the book. If you have only a P.O. box, please find a real address where the book can be delivered + signed for. If you only have a P.O.Box, then give your local phone number so the post office can call you to pick up the book and sign for it, I write a note to the post office on the parcel. Thanks. Mail = rocket science ;-)
Just arrived: 2017 The New Serama Book

Content revised, expanded, updated, A4, 192 pages, 1000+ photos, full colour

The Serama book is € 65 and € 2 bookwrap so it will arrive undamaged. Postage Europe: € 12,95 registered,  (total € 79,95) mail to the rest of the world € 17,95 registered, (total € 84,95). I sign your book with soft pencil. For USA contact Jerry.

The New Serama Book

Additions follow soon
The New Serama book Europe & UK
(€ 12,95) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 79,95
The New Serama book World, Australia, Russia
(€ 17,95 registered) and carton wrap (€ 2)  = € 84,95